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Identifying Unhealthy Habits

Once you’ve decided surgery is right for you, the next step is for you to be both mentally and physically prepared. We believe it is crucial prior to the surgery, that you are completely comfortable with your choice and educated about what it means for you in the long term. If you have any questions about the procedure you have chosen, or the risks involved, we encourage you to contact us to clarify your understanding.

It is best to try to be as healthy as possible as the surgery date approaches. We suggest adapting, as soon as possible, any habits that have been identified in your discussions with Dr Willingham, your dietitian or your psychologist.

Some light exercise and adopting healthy habits such as quitting smoking, eating healthy foods and starting a multivitamin will help towards you being as healthy as possible for surgery.

Very Low Calorie Diet Protocol

Two weeks prior to surgery we ask you to begin an intensive phase of a Very Low-Calorie Diet or VLCD. This may include brands such as Optifast, Formulite, Optislim as well as several others.

Patients following this regime have shown a decrease in visceral fat (fat around your organs) as well as a reduction in liver volume and rigidity. This increases the likelihood of your surgery being completed in a smooth and straight-forward manner.​

Adopting a very low-calorie diet will mean replacing each of your three main meals each day with a serving of VLCD shake, bar or soup. You may also have two cups of vegetables. A list of allowed vegetables is usually available on each products website or we will give you a list after your consultation with us.​

We understand this can be difficult to adhere to, however it is our strongest recommendation to following this protocol in order to have the safest operation possible and get you on the road to a stronger, healthier body.




Preparing for Surgery 

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